So you really want to get your FWID?

ArrowsmithArms Training Centre is glad to help, but there are some conditions:

1) Group Price: The price of this course is based on 10 students; however, the course will run if there is only one who shows up. The price is the same either way.

2) Paid in advance: Either CASH,  EMT or PAYPAL

3) No backing out: ArrowsmtihArms will not be refunding courses for students who back-out.

4) Advance scheduling: Courses take time to organize, so there will most likely be 2-4 weeks before the course date.


6) FIREARMS TRAINING: Students who have already taken the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and can prove the validity of successful completion are exempt from having to take the Firearms practical handling test. Students must provide a copy of their CFSC course report as proof of completion (PAL cards are not considered proof by the BC Legislation). Furthermore, there are firearms and ammunition question on the written exam.


  1. to ensure that prospective hunters meet acceptable standards of knowledge and skill for safe and ethical participation in hunting recreation.
  2. To obtain credentials to allow students to apply for a FWID through Access BC for the purpose of obtaining annual Resident hunting licences and species licenses.


PREREQUISITE: Candidates are BC Residents 10 years and older who wish to obtain a Fish and Wildlife Identification Number (FWID) in BC in order to qualify to purchase annual BC resident hunting licenses are required to complete the CORE Program.


COURSE TOPICS: Conservation, Ethics, Hunting Laws and Regulations, LEH, Survival, Animal and Bird Identification, Firearms and Ammunition training & Indigenous Hunting

NOTE: Firearms safety training is a mandatory component of CORE; students must either participate in firearms training, offered by Arrowsmith Arms or have proof that they have successfully completed the CFSC/PAL course.

Final Examination: Following the lessons, students will be expected to demonstrate his or her comprehension through a 75 question, multiple-choice exam followed by a practical firearms handling exam

Successful students will each submit a course report to the BCWF CORE program and in return receive a certificate that the student can then use to register a BC Fish and Wildlife ID number (FWID). Once registered with a FWID number, students can purchase annual hunting licenses and animal tags for legal hunting.

NOTE: Individuals who have completed a hunter education program from another state or province in North America may be exempt from the requirement to complete the CORE Program. Contact the Government Agent at BC Access Centres for more details on program exemption.

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