Standard Pricing

The Following prices are standard for CORE & PAL courses.


$150.00 CORE (For students who have already complete a Canadian Firearms Safety Course).

$175.00 CORE (BCWF Hunter Safety Course - FWID)

$125.00 CFSC (Unrestricted Firearms Safety Course - PAL)

$75.00 CRFSC (Restricted Firearms Safety Course - RPAL)


$250.00 CORE + CFSC (Hunter and Firearms Safety Course)

$175.00 CFSC + CRFSC (Non and Restricted Firearms Course)

$325.00 CORE + CFSC + CRFSC (Hunter and Firearms Safety Course)


Email or call for a quote.


$30.00 Retests for students who have failed the primary test(s)

$30.00 Per Core Exam for students who wish to challenge

Registration Fees to BCWF and or the Canadian Firearms Safety Program

Not all students will necessarily pass one or all of these course. However, failure is rare.

Students wishing to participate in a course must pay in full in order to reserve a seat. Reservation are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Beverages and snacks are offered as part of the course package; however, please bring a packed lunch if you are coming to an all day course.

Acceptable Payment Methods include Cash, Paypal or EMT.

Please note, All Prices in this schedule are superseded by prices listed in the store.