The following questions have arisen from my recent suspension (and reactivation) of my instructing and examining license for instructing portions of both the CFSC and CRFSC online via Webex instead of within a physical classroom:

Q. Do I have to take the whole course over again?

    A. Yes, unfortunately, the CFP has determined that a "virtual classroom" is not a classroom that I can ensure is conducive to learning.

Q. Do I have to take both exams again?

    A. Yes, unfortunately, when the online courses were determined to be  unsatisfactory to the CFP, the exams essentially became "challenge exams", which are no longer allowed as per legislation within section 7 of the Firearms Act.

Q. The CFP has already charged me my application fees, will I have to pay again?

    A. No, they will hold you application until you mail them a new course report based on taking the course in Person. 

Q. Is there any way for me to appeal the CFP's decision to rejected my application?

    A. Yes, please review section 74 of the Firearms Act to know your lawful right to appeal in Provincial court within 30 days of being notified of your rejection.

Q. Should I wait for the new course report in order to submit my application?

    A. No, please send it in anyway, the CFP will begin to process your application up to the point that they required your new course reports.

Q. Do I have to send in a complete application package again with my new course report?

    A. No, I will provide you another envelope, complete with a stamp, to mail your REDO course report in.